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le premier

Bol d'Or Classic 2007

Stand Norton/TonUp

No Team Yellow Peril this year because an intricate reglementation.
Nevertheless the race was won by an (italian) Trident.

 Norton-Triumph united again Mimi & Seeley Fastback rouge    Trident racer -1  Trident racer -2 Olivier et la Triumph TonUp Stand Olivier au boulot l'Aiglon poussette ravitaillement Marie Perlinski / Dufour Carrasco / Guibert Stand Pifou nounou
Team Gourlizon Le team Gourlizon Jean-Michel The club supported the very handsome JPS replica, built and raced by the Pliquet brothers, Team Gourlizon, but unfortunately they lacked a few seconds to qualify.
Manx Manx Manx
images © O.Coulon / M.Mielle

Bol d' Or 2006 2005 2011
The Norton Owners Club french branch is one of the largest branch of the NOC, founded in 1959.

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