le premier

Frimas 2006

arrêt casse -croût samedi matin


Saturday morning started riding through snowy roads.It bettered as soon as we could see the vineyard on the other side of the hill. Because that year we're at Agencourt, not far from Nuits St Georges... And this is not by chance!
Some had already arrived on friday.
The AGM saw no change, so we proceeded to serious things : apéro, coq au vin...

une 1ère sortie réussie Matchless G80 -1 Matchless G80 -2 Tiger 90 Daniel et le bureau vendredi soir -suite la table présidentielle le château avant la bataille Manu veille au grain
l'Arbracam est lààààààààààààààààààààààà! Inter 1947 arrivées dans la cour Patrick, PJ le Grand Dom Palma Side Tiger / Watsonian Atlas
Sunday morning another run with the traditionnal stop for snails. On the wrong side of O°... Very slippery!
AlainP, Patrick, PJ
images © M. Comte / L. Deschaumes / A. K. / B. Lesage / S. Mayer

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